About Us

Impact Tank Squared is a social enterprise that specialises in delivering the most innovative business models in the social impact space to the Namibian market. We provide 3 service offerings venture building, corporate collaborations and project delivery. We aim to address market challenges in low income communities by closing the gaps in inequality through investing in entrepreneurs, partnering with corporates, facilitating access to markets, creating systemic change and reaching the underserved. Ultimately, the goal is sustainable poverty reduction through social entrepreneurship and market systems development.

Venture Building

Venture building is a relatively new approach to new business development in the social impact space. The premise is to create a framework in which new businesses can be developed in the long run, ideate ideas in that framework, test their feasibility, launch these resultant ventures, then guide them towards long term sustainability.

Corporate Collaborations

Corporates often desire to have an impact in their larger context, however require assistance in order to have their vision realised. From workshops to research and more, our collaborations can have far reaching effects, all in line with the ambitions of the corporate partner in question.

Project Delivery

We help individuals and companies of all sizes operationalise theirs projects by providing on the ground support and executional assistance to ensure final delivery on time and on budget.

Our Executive Team



The Operations Genius

Elzine comes from a private sector background and has vast experience operationalising strategy.



The Partnerships Guru

Dino combines his deep entrepreneurial and partnership expertise to catalyse the success of future business leaders.