Why Choose Us

IT Squared is a combined design/creative, online publishing and technology agency that specialises in delivering the most elegant creative designs, the best designed websites/social media presence, and the latest technology solutions to Namibian clients. We provide 3 service offerings (creative, publishing, technology), all of which are well-priced to make them available to any and all budgets.

Design IT

The design agency arm of the business creates the best designs that inspires your customers or delights your guests. The design agency specialises in producing high quality designs for weddings event stationery and business collateral, including logos, social media postings, advertisements and corporate functions. These designs once printed will communicate your uniqueness and amaze your audience.

Publish IT

Any design needs to be published, which is where the online publishing arm of the agency shines. The online publishing arm of the business implements and manages online publishing tools that communicate your vision to your audience. From weddings to corporate, we implement websites, social media pages (Facebook/Instagram) and the analytics behind these media to bring your designs to life.

Transform IT

The technology agency arm of the business implements technology that helps any business become more efficient and delights your users and customers. From Microsoft Office Online, corporate cloud/bespoke solutions, we help individuals and companies of all sizes implement the best technologies matching their businesses, needs and budgets.

About us

About us

We specialise in implementing creative designs and innovative technology for individuals and businesses of all sizes, including enterprises, small business all at competitive prices.

For individuals we focus on wedding, event stationery and personal websites.

For small-businesses and enterprises, we deliver corporate communications collateral and enterprise-grade technology solutions.

Our Team

The team who work to make your designs a reality.



The Creative Genius

Elzine comes from a creative background and has vast experience in putting visions onto paper



The Tech Guy

Kuda builds the backend that makes the creative styles pop on the web and all the cloud technology that makes it happen.